CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum
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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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  • if you joined us, we hope you had a great time!

    Preliminary Program information now available here on!

    Posted: March 20, 2008

    The preliminary program information is now loaded into our online database and you can view it on the Program Listing page here at!

    The listing will be evolving as we continue to work with our program participants, and please excuse any duplicate entries. As we approach the convention weekend, we'll be posting the full schedule as well as our participant's biographies.

    -*- -*--*-

    Posted: January 25, 2008

    Conference Program

    Our educational program is starting to come together... check out the assorted pages in this section to find out what we are offering at Costume-Con 26.

    Panels, Lectures and Demos

    75 minute panel discussions (several experts sharing their knowledge and experience), lectures (one person doing the same), demos (one or more people demonstrating a technique or skill)

    Our plans do include a "Masquerade Finishing School" panel track, featuring sessions that will help introduce novices to Masquerade competition costuming and help more experienced competitors polish their presentation technique.


    Hands-on instructions in technique? Sure! In addition talks and demonstrations, we're offering assorted extended hands-on technique workshops.


    An opportunity for costumers we respect highly to discuss of their body of work and experiences in the art and craft of costume

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    What to see, what to do

    Posted: April 23, 2008

    As we get close to Opening Day of Costume Con 26

    While preparing the Pocket Program we noticed that we had added fifteen program items that are not in the Program Book. Please look at the online schedule to find such gems as Mexican Historic Textiles and Costumes, Pre-1920s Theatrical Makeup, Teddy and Thomas At-Home, Alien Construction, Victorian Bodice Draping, A how-to on Men�s Facial Hair and another on being a Dandy in the modern world, Smoke and Mirrors and Spacesuit Construction�the list goes on.. While Friday starts at 3 with six full programming slots including �Quickie Corsets� demo, Costuming for Children, Mechanical Engineering in Costumes, Sheer Dresses of the Crinoline Era, and Dance Manners, Monday has much of our Ethnic Programming, as well as the joint Masquerade Post Mortem, Seven Ways to Make Lace, and Electro Luminescent Costuming. Out of 63 programming items, 23 are historical, 6 are special effects, 8 are on masquerade /presentation, 15 are on some aspect of construction, 5 are on the ethnic track, 2 are retrospectives of the life work of amazing costumers, there are three masquerades, a great party, and a number of special-expertise groups, most notably the Fur suit designers and wearers of Critters by the Bay. The Chardonnay Room is our Stitch N Bitch room, with loaner sewing machines and places to plug yours in, together with a few odds and ends you might have forgotten (Yes, the ever-beloved THINGS box will be there). We will show any program changes from this point on the online schedule and in the newsletter. Remember to check the door sign to make positively certain your item is there - tech considerations sometimes require room changes. Photographers can sign up in the Gateway Foyer to use a photo area (the main one is outside the Cedar Room). And then there are the tours..

    You can keep busy, you really can.

    What to bring

    Cash for the Dealer Room, stuff to swap for the Swap Meet Saturday Afternoon after the Embellishment Fair, shoes to adorn for the DIY Shoe workshop, a pen to sign up for the workshops at the Info Table, your hair piece or wig for the Monday Hair workshop, all those neat things you want to wear (some of the gatherings include hats with pajamas and a tea), and comfortable clothes and shoes for when you get tired. Dress code is everything from jeans and comfy shirt to gorgeous display of hall costumes.

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    Costumer Swap Meet

    Posted: April 23, 2008

    The costumer swap meet will take place in the upstairs Gateway Foyer from 2 till 5pm on Saturday.

    Sign up is at 1:30 in the foyer (look for a small table). Here's the fine print. Half a table costs $5. (Half is defined as 3 feet from the end to the center of a 6 ft table). It will only be possible to purchase additional spaces once everyone who has come to sign up has been assigned a first space. Two friends may team up to share two half spaces to make one table. Only CC026 members can rent a table, but you may sell to anyone. Selling or swapping are both allowed. You will need to plan to take your unsold items away with you, though we are working on getting a volunteer to take unwanted items to charity. UPDATE 4/24 -- A Nice Lady has volunteered to remove unsold and unwanted items for charitable donation if a seller so chooses.

    This is listed as 3 pm in the online schedule - we're working on the glitch.

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