CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum
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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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    Video Masquerade

    Ever had that deep-seated desire to present that bit of Grand Guignol that just won't fit on a Masquerade Stage? Whether because it's too long, or needs a particular location, a cast of thousands, or the use of significant quantities of high explosives?

    Well, then, the Video Masquerade may be for you. It's an opportunity to stage your grand production (up to 6 minutes long), capture it on video, and have it viewed by all and sundry at Costume-Con

    Keep checking this page for further details!

    Costume-Con 26 Video Masquerade Rules

    Posted: November 10, 2006

    1. To enter the Video Masquerade, you must have a full or supporting membership for the convention. If you have a membership of either type and are not on the Judging Panel, you may enter. Being a member of the Convention Staff will not influence the Judging Panel.
    2. Submissions must be no longer than 6 minutes.
    3. Submissions maybe submitted on VHS tapes or DVDs only. Please make sure that the only thing on the tape of DVD is your entry.
    4. Only one entry is permitted per person. However, one person can be in multiple entries as long as the costume and entry are not the same. People in the presentation do not have to have memberships to the convention. The person submitting the entry should note what category they would normally compete in on stage. These categories are based on standard ICG level guide lines. This is to give the Judging Panel a general idea of your skills.
    5. Video Masquerade division placement is just like F&SF and Historical, but placement is based on Video Masquerade awards, not F&SF or Historical awards. We already do this with historical because of the radically different judging format. Due to the relative newness of Video Masquerades, the biggest distinction in entrants level will be between Amateurs and Professionals. A Professional is someone that works in Film or Television and, therefor, has access to a better quality of editing equipment. Ron Howard and Mike Nesmith would both be considered Professionals. This will place Professionals entrants in the master division (just like in regular competition) but give everybody else a clean slate and a start in Novice division for video masq.
    6. Entries will be judged on several different criteria. These include, but are not limited to, Overall Presentation, Costume Quality, Location/Set Quality and/or Uniqueness, and Technical Merits. Please remember that the idea is to do a masquerade entry that can not normally be presented in a hotel situation. Such as a huge quantity of people in the entry, special prop requirements, such as horses, fire effects, or truly unique settings that can not be quickly placed on a stage. As an example of what could be done in a Video Masquerade Entry, check out
    7. Documentation about your entry is not required, but, if you wish to provide it, it will be reviewed by the Judging Panel.
    8. Entries will be judged both by the Judging Panel, and by the attendees of the convention while at the convention. The Judging Panel will confer at the convention and reach their decisions about awards. Attendees will have opportunities to view the entries during the convention multiple times and submit a vote for The People's Popular Vote Of Judeah, again limited to one vote per attendee.
    9. Entries must be received by the Video Masquerade Director by three months before the convention. All entries will be returned to the Entrants after the convention. The Video Masquerade Director will need to make copies of your entry to send to the other members of the Judging Panel and for the viewing of the convention attendees.
    10. If you have questions about any of these rules or your entry, please contact Henry W. Osier, the Video Masquerade Director, at OR

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