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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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    Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair Props Competition

    Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair Results

    Posted: May 7, 2008

    The Mad Science Fair Directors are pleased to announce the following awards for the Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair:

    Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair Awards
    Best in Show
    Lady Cassandra
    Mette Hedin, Bryan Little
    Exellence in Hydraulic Design
    Smoke Effect Backpack
    Thomas Benson
    Excellence in Electronics
    Phil Gust
    Excellence in Mechanics
    Solar Sailor
    Jennifer Tifft
    Honorable Mention for Original Scholarship
    History and Evolution of Inflatable Razzberry Cushion Devices
    Ken Patterson
    Honorable Mention for Retro-Futurism
    Babbage Thumb Drive
    Master Payne
    Honorable Mention for Concept and Presentation
    Cruisemaster V: Portable Gaydar and Borg Codpiece
    Kevin Roche
    Honorable Mention for Textile Arts
    Symphonetta in Pink
    Bridget Landry

    -*- -*--*-

    Mad Science Fair Entries

    Posted: May 8, 2008

    The following pieces (in no particular order) were entered in the Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair and Prop Exhibition. Many thanks to the Evil Geniuses and their Minions who labored long and hard to make the MSF possible!

    • Karen Tully
      Psychic Amplifier and Pinhole Camera (from two cigar boxes)
    • JoAnn Abbot
      Syringe of the Root Canal Fairy
    • Anne Davenport
    • Kate Morgenstern
      Disco Maenad
    • Thomas Benson
      Smoke Effect Backpack
    • Arabella Benson
      Sisters of Battle Reliquary
    • Bridget Landry
      Symphonetta in Pink
    • Mette Hedin, Bryan Little
      Lady Cassandra
    • Trystan Bass
      Time Lady Accessories
    • Master Payne
      BFG & Babbage Thumb Drive
    • Jennifer Tifft
      Solar Sailor
    • Andy Trembley
      Pickled Punks
    • Judith Hollenberger
      Conflagration Emitters
    • Phil Gust
    • Kevin Roche
      From the Torchwood Vaults: (1) Cruisemaster V: Portable Gaydar and (2) Borg Codpiece
    • Leah Jakusovszky
      Kimber's Keytar
    • Shelley Monson
      Elven Fan
    • Ken Patterson
      History and Evolution of Inflatable Razzberry Cushion Devices
    • Jerry Majors
      Make it Yourself! A Pirate's Treasure Chest from a Copier Paper Box!

    -*- -*--*-

    Mad Science Fair: Props Competition Rules

    Posted: April 8, 2008

    Chris and Christy Bertani, Directors

    The Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair is a props competition. For this competition, a prop is an item that may coordinate with a costume and is either held in the hand or carried alongside OR a costume item with mechanical and/or electronic function beyond clothing. Though the theme of the competition is "Mad Science", the only limit to acceptable props is your imagination. If you have any questions about these rules, please email for clarification.

    The Mad Science Fair will open Saturday, April 26th, 2008 with formal Judging. The exhibit will remain open from 10am to 6pm both Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th.

    To enter a prop into the CC26 Mad Science Fair you must be a member of CC26. The prop must be made by you, but need not be your exclusive work, as long as other contributors are credited in some fashion.

    You may enter only once per membership, but your entry may contain several props linked by theme.

    All entries are encouraged to pre-register via the CC26 web site. There will be at-the-con registration on Friday, but exhibit space will be parceled out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deadline for on-site registration is at the Mad Science Fair location, ten minutes before the Judges start their walk.

    1 No fire, flame, flashes, firecrackers, or explosions will be permitted inside the hotel. If you have an incendiary component that you wish to demonstrate, please contact the Mad Science Fair directors well ahead of time to arrange safety precautions.
    2 If your prop has an electric power requirement, contact the Mad Science Fair directors well ahead of time to arrange exhibit space with access to plug in power.
    3 If your prop has a working combustion engine, you will not be allowed to run it inside the hotel. If you wish to demonstrate this element of your prop, contact the Mad Science Fair directors well ahead of time to arrange special exhibit space.
    4 Your prop's action may not generate a mess that cannot easily be swept up. (The "no peanut butter" rule.) The venue for the Mad Science Fair is a standard carpeted hotel conference room, and WILL continue to be so after the event is over. If you have a "messy" action you must exercise, contact the Mad Science Fair directors well ahead of time to arrange special exhibit space.
    5 There must be some display of skill in creating and executing a design. No purchased, bespoke, rented or inherited props may be exhibited in the Mad Science Fair. Props previously entered as elements in other competitions (Masquerades, etc...) ARE acceptable.
    6 The Mad Science Fair Directors have the full authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the grounds of bad taste, danger to self and/or others, violation of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient. Our will is arbitrary and whimsical.

    Skill Levels:
    As there has never been a Mad Science Fair before, entries will be judged in only two skill levels: Skilled Professional and Talented Amateur. If you make more than 30% of your yearly income using those skills that created your entry, you are a Professional, for the purposes of this contest.

    Entries will be judged whimsically and arbitrarily, with weight given to presentation of entry, skill of manufacture and other, less measurable criteria.
    Award categories will be arbitrary and decided by the judges, whose whims will be final.

    We highly encourage documentation. Please display your documentation with your entry.

    Basic Documentation:

    • Name of prop(s)
    • Name(s) of all designer(s) and maker(s)
    • What makes your prop worthy of our attention?

    Advanced Documentation -- In going beyond the minimal requirements, your documentation might include the following:
    • Pictures of visual sources, such as artworks, drawings, and sketches that you used
    • Rationale for design and for choices of materials and techniques
    • Test samples for materials and techniques used or discarded
    • Brief descriptions of any special skills or tools you used
    • Pictures of the work in progress

    Outstanding documentation is amusing, informative and enhances the exhibit space.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Directors of the Costume-Con 26 Mad Science Fair Props Competition : Chris and Christy Bertani E-mail:
    Phone: 650-988-9676, please leave a message

    The Mad Science Fair Directors would like to thank the Historical Masquerade Directors from whom we cribbed this format and many of these rules.

    -*- -*--*-

    Help Wanted: Mad Science Fair

    Posted: February 19, 2008

    Door staff for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. No prior experience needed.

    Registration minions. Help register contestants for entry into the competition. No prior experience needed.

    Judges clerk. Assist judges in processing paperwork, and perform gopher duties on the day of judging. Interested volunteer must be available by 8:30 am and willing to stay on until the entire process is over. Clerk should be a good multitasker, be good at keeping track of time, and comfortable with being on their feet for a good portion of the time they are helping out.

    Interested parties should send messages to

    -*- -*--*-

    About the Mad Science Fair

    Posted: January 24, 2008

    Show them, show them all! Enter the CC26 Mad Science Fair prop-building exhibit and contest!

    This will be an exhibition contest in the style of a science fair; be prepared to demonstrate your creations to our panel of mad scientists and thrill the spectators with your props!

    What is a prop? A prop is an item that coordinates with a costume and is either held in the hand (painted fan, thermal detonator, wizard's staff) or carried alongside (brain in a jar, pink standard poodle on wheels) OR a costume item with a mechanical function beyond clothing (e.g. mechanical wings that flap, wig with tall ship that fires cannon and waves flag, jet pack with smoke and engine noise). From the very large to the very small, we want to see them all!

    What to Enter: You may enter any prop that meets the above conditions. It may be a creation original for this contest or an item from a previous masquerade entry that you think didn't get enough attention, or a prop (however imperfect) that showcases a technique you are particularly proud of or you think is particularly cool. If your piece is too large to fit through the doorway, contact to make special arrangements.

    What Not to Enter

    • No pyrotechnics
    • No running combustion engines in the hotel (please email to make special arrangements if you have a combustion engine you'd like to demonstrate)
    • Nothing that would cause a mess that can't be easily swept up (the "no peanut butter" rule)
    • No live space/time vortices
      The Mad Science Lab is a standard carpeted hotel conference room and WILL continue to be so after the event is over.

    How to Enter: Contestants should report to the Mad Scientist's Lab before judging commences on Saturday morning to register and set their prop on display.
    Judges will not manipulate props without permission of the contestant. If your prop has working action, you (or your designated Lab Assistant) should be on hand for the judging to work the device.
    Props will remain on exhibit throughout the weekend and can be reclaimed at the end of the Con after the Science Lab closes.

    Why Enter: There are many reasons to enter. Maybe they laughed at you at the university. But here's your chance to show them, SHOW THEM ALL! MWA HA HA HA HA!

    -*- -*--*-