CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum
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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
Registration information for future years is available on their respective websites:
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  • if you joined us, we hope you had a great time!

    Future Fashion Folio Designs Status
    Remember that you may still request designs marked "reserved" as the Directors may, at their discretion, approve multiple renditions of a design
    Designs with no RequestsDesigns with Requests
    Pockwock Casino Wear 2113 (p.1)
    Winter Party Wear (p.2)
    Club Wear (p.3)
    Gunpurse Granny (p.4)
    Student Casual Wear (p.5)
    X-Games Formal Dress (Cheomsang) (p.6)
    Spider-Pak (p.7)
    SANDRA (Secretarial ANDRoid Automaton) (p.9)
    Tea Merchants Sampling Outfit (p.10)
    Dinner Suit for a Heavyworld Businesswoman (p.12)
    Medusa Party Girl (p.14)
    Gargoyle's Personal Trainer Gear (p.18)
    Future Formal Wear 1 (p.19)
    The Slink (p.22)
    The Beldan Dress (p.23)
    The Aliemental (p.25)
    Applique And Braid Formal Wear (p.26)
    Deco-esque (p.27)
    Festival Ruffles (p.29)
    Gypsy (p.31)
    Formal Wear (p.33)
    Scoop Ball Girl (p.36)
    Boo Who Suit (p.38)
    Space Station Car Hop (p.39)
    Obaday Fing Designs of Un Lun Dun (p.42)
    Teen Chalkboard Skirt (p.44)
    Earth Confederation Dress Uniform (p.45)
    Citrus Hostess (p.53)
    Doctoral Gown (p.54)
    Archangel Raphael (p.55)
    Low Gravity Ballerina (p.56)
    Santii Claudio Of Centauri (p.57)
    Sanat Of Vulcan (p.58)
    Guardian Council Of Minbar (p.59)
    Ablegate, New Catholic Church (p.60)
    Equinox Ceremonial Robes (p.61)
    Nun Of The Sisters Of Perpetual Prayer (p.62)
    St. Ignatius of the Garden Gnomes (p.64)
    Journeyman Spice Merchants Formal/Ceremonial Ensemble (p.65)
    Ceremonial Guardian Outfit (p.67)
    Evil Minions Union Insignia (EMU) (p.70)
    Evil Minions Union Uniform (p.71)
    The Claw (p.72)
    The Queen (p.74)
    Mr. Live Evil (p.75)
    Villain (p.78)
    The League of Evil Geniuses #8 (p.79)
    The League of Evil Geniuses #3 (p.80)
    Dark Guild Sage (p.81)
    An Octopus Garden in the Shade (p.8) -- Designer Reserved
    The New Fashion in Airline Security (p.11) -- Reserved
    Rhinophant Caparison (p.13) -- Reserved
    Schoolgirl Centaur (p.15) -- Reserved
    Summer Forest Dress (p.16) -- Reserved
    Modesty Wrap (p.17) -- Reserved
    Silkmoth Ensemble (p.20) -- Reserved
    Elegant Gothic Lolita Afternoon Ensemble (p.24) -- Reserved
    Black Widow (p.28) -- Designer Reserved
    Future Formal Wear 2 (p.30) -- Reserved
    Mountain Man Kontusz (p.32) -- Designer Reserved
    Merovingian Emperor's Nouveau Walking Suit (p.34) -- Reserved
    Sheriff McPeaches' Sneetch Breeches (p.35) -- Reserved
    Auntie's Fluzzy Wuz Coat and Fancy Flurbish Hat (p.37) -- Reserved
    If Jules Verne Had Been Julia: The Lighthouse Keeper (p.43) -- Reserved
    Flame Coat (p.48) -- Reserved
    Elder Statesman (p.49) -- Reserved
    Fae Warrior (p.50) -- Reserved
    Air Hades -- Pilot (p.51) -- Reserved
    Palace Protocol Officer (p.52) -- Designer Reserved
    Knight Of The Triad (p.63) -- Reserved
    High Priestess of the Cult of the Red Hat (p.66) -- Designer Reserved
    Priestess of the Sky Goddess (p.68) -- Reserved
    Queen of the Seas (p.69) -- Designer Reserved
    Cedrick of Albanque (p.73) -- Designer Reserved
    D'Mentia (p.76) -- Designer Reserved
    Smoke and Mirrors (p.82) -- Reserved
    Little Miss Malicious (p.83) -- Reserved