CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum
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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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  • if you joined us, we hope you had a great time!

    Posted: November 28, 2007

    In celebration of the triumphant return of
    Mssr. Herbert George Wells
    from late Twentieth-Century West Hollywood, California,
    The United States of America,
    Mssr. and Madame Myers invite you to join them for a
    'Victorian Underwear Party'
    Friday, April 25, 2008, at the Doubletree San Jose Hotel.

    Morlocks are reminded that other guests are not on the menu.
    Transtemporal and transdimensional guests are requested to please not shock their Victorian hosts. Overmuch.

    -*- -*--*-

    A little bit more information about the social...

    Posted: December 5, 2007

    Our Friday Social theme is the result of a conversational collision in the conference chair's brain whilst he was discussing Historical Costume events with Ms. Bjo Trimble and the possibility of going to a nightclub "underwear party" with a group of West Hollywood residents. The little voices in his head had a field day with the mashup.

    He thinks that this is a theme that includes both science fiction and historical aspects, and will give us a chance to see some beautiful historical underpinnings (that are perfectly modest) which are normally hidden from view.

    Plus, it's silly.

    That said, here are some additional points about the theme:

    • You do not have to be wearing Victorian underwear to be admitted. Any costume including street clothing is welcome.
    • You do have to be wearing clothing appropriate to attend a public party in a hotel ballroom where alcohol may be served.*
    • This is not a competition. Have fun!
    • This is not an excercise in intemperance. Demonstrate a modicum of moderation!
    • Anyone caught in picayune criticism of another guest's attire (particularly on "historical accuracy" grounds) will be expected to buy the room a round of drinks.
    • Be warned. The Chair has expensive taste in liquor :-)
    • Very expensive taste in liquor.
    • Science Fiction/Fantasy costumes and accoutrement are perfectly welcome. That's the "Transtemporal and transdimensional guests" part of the invitation!
    • Steampunk, Clockpunk, and other assorted -punk variations are also perfectly welcome.

    We hope this offers some clarification as to the intent of the theme.

    *In general, Costume-Con 26 should be considered a PG-13 environment.

    -*- -*--*-

    Posted: May 1, 2005

    Friday Night Social

    Please join our hostess Friday night, April ??? 1898 (we're a little unsure about the date) in welcoming Mr. Wells back from his triumphant voyage to late Twentieth Century West Hollywood, California, USA for a Victorian Underwear Party!

    Whether you're a Victorian or one of Mr. Wells' fellow time-travelers, come in your best bloomers and dance the night away. Please remember, though, to respect the sensibilities of our staff and servants and don't wear anything that might scare the horses.

    -*- -*--*-