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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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    Posted: January 25, 2008

    The CC26 Photography Department is very excited about the upcoming convention. n addition to the traditional official masquerade photoshoots, we also want to provide an excellent photo environment for both costumers and photographers. Some of the things we are planning to have:

    • traditional official photography and fan photo pits for the masquerades
    • special photo stations for costumers, including props (tentative plans: classic cars and a "stargate")
    • a room or permanent space with backdrop and studio lights
    • a photo station for costumer prints and DVD highlights of CC26
    • possibly a chroma key backdrop and computer setup for background insertion
    • We are looking for:

      1. CC26 members who are willing to donate or loan us interesting props for the photo stations. Got an interesting pillar? vintage looking chair? a bust or statue? A cool vehicle (for outside shoots)? Anything that you think will look good in a photograph with all those costumes???
      2. Volunteer photographers (with their own camera) to help photograph the entire convention.
      3. Volunteers to help photographers and our photostation.
      4. Volunteers to help run our photo software (may be very simple).
      5. Volunteers should have some experience in taking photographs or running photo software, such as Photoshop or can easily work their way around a computer.

    If you are a photographer or someone who feels like they would like to volunteer for our department, let us know! We're willing to work with all interested parties.
    Please contact us at!

    Richard Man

    -*- -*--*-

    Posted: November 30, 1999

    Photography and Photo-Ops

    Photo Opportunities

    Costume-Con 26 plans to have a number of pre-set photo areas, so you can get quality photographs of your wardrobe and anyone else's that particularly attracts your attention. Richard Man, head of our photography department, will be working with his team to make sure that the lighting and backgrounds are well-designed for quality photos! (If you attended LA Con IV, the "Stargate" prop that was in the "Spaceport Lounge and Under-Belly Bar" is one such background we will have access to.)

    -*- -*--*-