CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum
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Costume-Con 26: Adventures in the Costume Continuum
ended on April 28, 2008
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  • if you joined us, we hope you had a great time!

    Excerpted from "My Evil Plan" -- Hall Costume Awards

    Posted: May 8, 2008

    It all started a year and a bit ago at Wondercon. Catching a glimpse of Kevin and Andy at the other end of the dealer's room, I shouted daintily "I'll do the Hall Costuming Awards!" Kevin nodded yes, and tragedy was born.

    Anyway, it's Sunday night, and I've given out the final "major" awards for Hall Costuming. It was very difficult to pick the winners from the abundance available, but I rose from the dead to the challenge and here are the winners:
    Sunday Evil Genius of the Day Awards

    • Katherine Curon-Greig -- 1858 Gymnastic Costume
    • Lauren Howard - "Sally" from The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Workmanship Awards Honorable Mentions
    • Sarcasm Hime -- Tribal Dancer
    • Stephanie Flora -- 1837-1842 Rust Print Day dress and Bonnet (Firsttime costumer! Entirely Hand-Sewn!)

    Golden Thimble Award for Fine Workmanship
    Laurie Tavan -- Lady in Blue

    Ultimate Evil Costume Award
    Loren Dearborn -- 18th Century Wardrobe

    There will still be some given out on Monday if possible, so keep wearing those costume if you�re not on a committee, and thank you for making this convention more exciting (I didn't think that was possible) by showing us what you can do. Thanks also to the tireless secret agents and my last minute assistant Paul Sinasohn. I wouldn't have been able to do it without his help.

    Jwlhyfer de Winter
    P.S. Laurie had better watch out or I will steal her shoes!

    -*- -*--*-

    Hall Costumes under Special Scrutiny at Costume-Con 26

    Posted: February 25, 2008

    Are you a Genius with those Hall Costumes? Do your friends call you "Evil?" Can't leave your hotel room without being dressed to the nines? Planning to change costumes more than twice a day? Do your friends think you'd be insane to wear that in the halls?

    Then our team of Secret Agents WANTS YOU to get excited about walking the halls in your (Pg-13) costumes! Our special team of highly trained dark ops agents will be lurking in the halls, classes, lectures, demos, short - everywhere - looking for the brave, the adventurous, the virginal(to costuming,)but willing, in short - YOU - wearing your living history attire, period dancing costume, sci-fi convention conversation stopper, movie premiere attention grabber, cos-play clothing, peri-oid interpretations, steam punk elaborations, old school anime short, anything that can safely and comfortably (it's all relative,) be worn while running from one progam to the next. See Masquerade rules for general no-no's about what is and is not appropriate (no dripping, no odor, no glitter, no nudity, no tripping over yourself.You get the idea.)

    Our Secret Ops team will be trying a little something new this convention. We'll be giving out ribbons plus small certificates to everything wonderful we see in the halls.
    We'll also be taking photos of everyone and putting them up at the end of the day on the CC26 web site, and these special Hall Costuming Awards will be known as "Pure Evil Genius - Hall Costuming Awards."
    Your name and the title of your costume will also be put up with the photo and at the end of each day we will have a " Evil Genius of the Day" winner.
    At the end of the Con the best of the best will win an "Ultimate Evil Award for Hall Costuming."

    We hope this will inspire you. See you at the con.

    Jwlhyfer de Winter; Evil Genius Hall Costume Head of Ops

    Note: Your costume does not have to be "Evil" to win. We mean "evil" in the same sense that "bad" means good.

    -*- -*--*-

    Posted: February 25, 2008

    On-the-Spot Competitions

    Just because we like you, we're offering up the chance to win awards you weren't even looking for. Some require little (and indeed may allow only minimal) advance preparation or at-conference commitment.

    Hall Costume Competition

    Our secret judges wander the halls in search of fabulous yet practical costumes. If you're walking the halls wearing something that astounds our judges, you may just get a ribbon.

    Oh, and don't tell anybody, but our bid committee is giving out CC26 Bid Pre- Conference Hall Costume Awards, perhaps at a convention near you.


    If you've been to Costume-Con before, you've seen some of the silly competitions people have come up with. If you haven't, you can always go to another Costume-Con to find out what it's like.

    Watch this spot for more news on some sort of culturally significant bit of silliness with a costuming twist.

    The Mouse-kerade

    Invented by Fiona Leonard at CC16, the Mouse-kerade is being brought back to life by highly capable Minions Radar and Johanna at the Monday Night Reanimated Canine Party! This is really Costume-Con in miniature. Monday night, after the conference is over, gather in the ConSuite with your favorite plush toy, wearing a costume of your own creation (the toy, not you, well, you should wear something too, but it's the toy that's competing... you get the drift, don't you?). Watch the MC stretch between entries! See tech failures! Wait for the judges to return from their deliberations (in the bathroom)! Collect your carefully hand-calligraphed (in ballpoint) winner's certificate!

    -*- -*--*-